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Eurostar to Paris

From London to Lille, Paris and many other French cities. Foot passengers only!

Eurostar to Amsterdam

From London to Brussels, Rotterdam, and finally to Amsterdam. Foot passengers only!

Le Shuttle

From Folkestone (near Dover) to Calais by train. Only for passengers travelling with a vehicle.

Dover calais train

The tunnel from England to France is a faster alternative to the ferry. There are two types of trains suitable for different types of passengers departing from different stations:

  • Le Shuttle – the car train operated by Eurotunnel. You board in Folkestone, and after a 35-minute journey, you arrive in Calais.
  • The Eurostar – the passengertrain. Eurostar connects London with Lille, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Eurotunnel by Car

If you want to travel from to England France/Europe by car (or any other vehicle), you can drive to Folestone and park your car on the train to England. The train will take you through the Channel Tunnel to the town of Calais in just 35 minutes. From there, you can continue your desired route inFrance. Le Shuttle has a check-in time of 1 to 2 hours.

Eurotunnel for Pedestrians

For those traveling on foot to France/Belgium/Holland, the Eurostar train is worth considering. It is a very comfortable and fast choice. This Eurostar train operates on the route:

London – Lille – Paris 
London – Lille – Brussels – Rotterdam – Amsterdam

This train does not stop in Dover/Folkestone or Calais but connects several major European cities. It is a quick and cost-effective option to travel from London to Europe.

Channel Tunnel

  • Also known as Eurotunnel or Chunnel
  • Length: 31.30 miles
  • Construction started: 1986
  • Opening: May 6, 1994
  • First passenger train: November 14, 1994
  • Number of tunnels: 3
  • Deepest point: 115 meters
  • Speed: 100 mph
  • Eurotunnel travel time: 35 minutes