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Crossing information, timetable and facilities on board.

Irish Ferries is one of the active ferry companies between Dover and Calais. The sailing time with Irish Ferries is approximately 90 minutes and there are 14 departures per day. You can book a ticket with Irish Ferries from £ 79.

Tickets & Prices

With Irish Ferries you can book a crossing between Calais and Dover from £ 79. However, the exact price depends on a number of factors:

  • Vehicle type: are you traveling alone with a car or also with a caravan? The height of the car may also influence the price.
  • Period: the time of booking and the crossing affects the price. For example, you often pay more for a crossing during holiday periods than outside of it.
  • Departure time: the part of the day you make the crossing also affects the ticket prices (cheaper in the morning than during the day).
  • Type of ticket: a return is more expensive than a single ticket. However, a return trip is often cheaper than a two-way trip.

⚠️ Check your confirmation email for further instructions. Sometimes you must provide additional information no later than 24 hours before departure, which will be shared with British government authorities.


There are 14 Irish Ferries sailings between Dover and Calais every day. Although the precise arrival and departure times can be very variable, there is a standard timetable.

  • The sailing time is usually between 90 and 100 minutes. It is an hour earlier in France than in England so this affects the arrival time.

01:25 am03:55 amInnisfree
04:40 am07:10 amInishmore
06:15 am08:45 amInnisfree
07:50 am10:20 amInisheer
09:30 amnoonInishmore
11:05 am01:35 pmInnisfree
00:45 pm03:15 pmInisheer
02:25 pm04:55 pmInishmore
04:00 pm06:30 pmInnisfree
05:35 pm08:05 pmInisheer
07:10 pm09:40 pmInishmore
08:45 pm11:15 pmInnisfree
10:15 pm00:45 amInisheer
11:50 pm02:20 amInishmore

  • The sailing time is usually between 90 and 100 minutes. It is an hour earlier in England than in France so this affects the arrival time.

00:05 am00:35 amInnisfree
03:15 am03:45 amInishmore
04:50 am05:20 amInnisfree
06:20 am06:50 amInisheer
08:05 am08:35 amInishmore
09:40 am10:10 amInnisfree
11:15 am11:45 amInisheer
00:55 pm01:25 pmInishmore
02:30 pm03:00 pmInnisfree
04:10 pm04:40 pmInisheer
05:50 pm06:20 pmInishmore
07:25 pm07:55 pmInnisfree
08:55 pm09:25 pmInisheer
10:30 pm11:00 pmInishmore

Check in with Irish Ferries

1. Checking in

The Irish Ferries check-in desks are well signposted in both the port of Calais and the port of Dover. There are signs above the road and there is also a large Irish Ferries sign on the road surface. You will need your passport and booking number when checking in. You will then receive a card that you must hang visibly in your car. With Irish Ferries you must check in 60 minutes in advance.

2. Customs

After checking in, you immediately pass the customs gates. Here you must again show the passports of you and any fellow travelers on board. In many cases you will be briefly asked about the reason for the crossing and a small investigation of your vehicle can take place.

UK border control customs booth

3. Boarding

The map you received at check-in contains a ‘Lane’ number. You have to drive here in your car to queue and then board the Irish Ferries ferry.


Irish Ferries uses three different boats for the crossing: Isle of Inishmore, Isle of Inisheer and Isle of Innisfree. Although the boats differ in look and feel, you enjoy the following facilities on board as standard:


Game Hall

Tax Free Shop

Kids corner


Pet Area

Free WiFi

Truckers Lounge

Photos on board Irish Ferries

Other operators on the route

Irish Ferries is not the only company that provides a crossing from Dover to Calais. View the three alternatives below.

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