Dover port

Practical information about the port of Dover.

Dover ferry port is a fairly compact port for the number of ships that dock. That makes it clear for travelers, but it can also be very busy. So take this into account by arriving on time for check-in.


View the Port of Dover address details below:

Harbor House, Marine Parade
Dover CT17 9BU
United Kingdom

Facilities at Dover Harbour

Want to go to the toilet or withdraw some money before boarding? Then visit the terminal in the port. You will discover the following facilities there:

Burger King

Info point




Free WiFi

Photo impression of the terminal

Parking options

There is no long-term parking facility in the port of Calais itself. You can reserve a parking space near the port via the Reylon Group↗ company, after which you can be taken to the port by a shuttle bus. This is also possible for those who travel with their bicycle.

Departure from Dover

1. Check-in

The A20 road that runs straight through Dover ends in a small roundabout from where you enter the check-in. Signs indicate which ferry company you should use. Before checking in, you must have your passport and booking number at hand. Are you earlier than planned? Then there is a chance that the employee will ask if you want to check in earlier on a ferry. This is of course not mandatory.

2. Customs

After you have checked in, you will receive your ticket and a boarding card that you must hang visibly in the car. You drive past a customs gate where random cars and vehicles can be checked. You can then continue to the ‘lane’ indicated on your tickets. You can park your vehicle in this lane and wait until it is time to board.

3. Boarding

You will find a terminal building in a central location in the port. You can walk here from all stabling areas. Here you can go shopping or have something to eat and drink. Please note that boarding can take place up to an hour in advance, so you must be back on time. It is announced, but sometimes it is still quite a walk. Toilets can be found at all installation areas.

Arrival in Calais

The ferry arrives at the port of Calais after about an hour and a half. Please note: from this moment on you are in Europe, where different traffic rules apply. In brief:

  • Driving on the right: in Europe people drive on the right side of the road instead of on the left.
  • KM/H: Speed ​​is displayed in kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour.
  • Lighting: in Europe, headlight stickers are mandatory for English vehicles, because otherwise you can dazzle other road users.

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