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Practical information about the port of Calais.

The port of Calais is located approximately 38 kilometers from the British coast. There are more than 40 departures per day. Every year, 10 million passengers board one of three operators: DFDS, P&O Ferries or Irish Ferries.

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View the address details of the port below:

285 Avenue du Merite Maritime
62105 Calais

Facilities in the port

Do you have to wait a while before you can board? No problem: you can do some shopping in the port, go to the toilet or withdraw money. The facilities at a glance:

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Photo impression of the harbour

Parking at the harbour

Free short-term parking is available at the port of Calais. For example, to do some shopping while waiting. There are also charging stations for electric cars. The parking lot is located at the front of the ferry terminal.

Please note: the port of Calais does not currently offer long-term parking options. View more information and alternative options for parking at the port of Calais.

The asphalt in the port of Calais has the names of the operators written on it so that travelers can get into the correct lane.

Departure procedure

A line of cars and a camper waiting for the check-in at Irish Ferries.

1. Checking in

The renovated (highway) road N216 leads you directly to the stabling area for check-in. All ferry companies use the same spot. When it’s busy, you can get something in the nearby store. You will also find toilets here, but there are also toilets on the left side of the canopy of the check-in gates. Once you have checked in, you will receive a paper with the number of the queue you can drive to, but first you will go through customs.

2. Customs

Customs consists of two inspections. You drive your car past a first you pass the customs booth of French Customs, after which you make a turn and receive a similar passport control from British Customs. You do not have to get out of the car, but can simply hand over the passports of all occupants to the customs officer through your open window.

UK border control customs booth
Truck and van driving on board the ferry at ramp number 7.

3. Boarding

Once you have passed the checks, you can follow the signs with numbers to drive to the correct waiting lane. Depending on where the ferry docks, this can be quite a drive. The facilities are diverse. There are several terminal buildings throughout the port where you can go to the toilet, or go shopping or have something to eat and drink.

Arrival in Dover

After about an hour and a half you arrive in the port of Dover in England. You no longer have to drive on the right and the maximum speed is again indicated in MPH.

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