Dover-Calais timetable ferry

Current timetables of P&O, Irish Ferries and DFDS.

There are approximately 35 departures per day between Dover and Calais. These are operated by three companies: DFDS, P&O Ferries and Irish Ferries. On this page you will discover the complete timetable with all departure and arrival times and information about check-in with the various operators.

Important to know

Ferry crossings between Dover and Calais typically operate from early morning to late evening, with regular departures. At night the number of departures is a lot more limited. Still, the frequency of the crossings ensures that passengers have plenty of options to plan their journey.

Passengers are advised to check the ferry schedule in advance and arrive at the port on time for check-in and embarkation procedures. It is recommended to book tickets in advance, especially during busy travel periods, to ensure a place on the desired crossing.

Will you be at the port earlier? Then there is a good chance that you will be offered to board the ferry of another provider that departs earlier, without additional costs.

Timetable (arrival and departure times)

View the complete timetable below from Dover to Calais and vice versa, from Calais to Dover.

  • The sailing time is usually between 90 and 100 minutes. It is an hour later in France than in England so this affects the arrival time.

00:35 am03:05 amDFDS
01:25 am03:55 amIrish Ferries
03:10* am05:50 amP&O
04:40 am07:10 amIrish Ferries
04:40* am07:10 amDFDS
06:15 am08:45 amIrish Ferries
06:55* am09:30 amP&O
07:40 am10:10 amDFDS
07:50 am10:20 amIrish Ferries
08:25 am11:00 amP&O
09:10 am11:40 amDFDS
09:30 amnoonIrish Ferries
10:05 am0040 pmP&O
10:40 am01:10 pmDFDS
11:05 am01:35 pmIrish Ferries
00:05 pm02:50 pmP&O
00:45 pm03:15 pmIrish Ferries
00:55 pm03:25 pmDFDS
01:45 pm04:20 pmP&O
02:25 pm04:55 pmDFDS
02:25 pm04:55 pmDFDS
03:25 pm06:00 pmP&O
03:55 pm06:25 pmDFDS
04:00 pm06:30 pmIrish Ferries
05:25 pm08:05 pmP&O
05:35 pm08:05 pmP&O
06:10 pm08:40 pmDFDS
07:05*** pm09:40 pmP&O
07:10 pm09:40 pmIrish Ferries
07:40 pm10:10 pmDFDS
09:45 pm11:25 pmP&O
08:45 pm11:15 pmIrish Ferries
09:10** pm11:40 pmDFDS
10:15 pm00:45 amIrish Ferries
11:00 m01:35 amP&O
11:50 pm02:20 amIrish Ferries

* Not on Sundays
** Not on Saturdays
*** Not on Mondays

  • The sailing time is usually between 90 and 100 minutes. It is an hour earlier in England than in France so this affects the arrival time.

00:05 am00:35 amIrish Ferries
01:25 am02:05 amP&O
02:30* am03:00 amDFDS
03:15 am03:45 amIrish Ferries
04:50 am05:20 amIrish Ferries
05:20* am05:55 amP&O
06:05 am06:35 amDFDS
06:20 am06:50 amIrish Ferries
06:40 am07:25 amP&O
07:35 am08:05 amDFDS
08:05 am08:35 amIrish Ferries
08:20* am08:55 amP&O
09:05 am09:35 amDFDS
09:40 an10:10 amIrish Ferries
10:30 am11:05 amP&O
11:15 an11:45 amIrish Ferries
11:20 am11:50 amDFDS
noon**00:45 pmP&O
00:50 pm01:20 pmDFDS
00:55 pm01:25 pmIrish Ferries
01:40 pm02:15 pmP&O
02:20 pm02:50 pmDFDS
02:30 pm03:00 pmIrish Ferries
03:50 pm04:25 pmP&O
04:10 pm04:40 pmIrish Ferries
04:35 pm05:05 pmDFDS
05:20*** pm06:05 pmP&O
05:50 pm06:20 pmIrish Ferries
06:05 pm06:35 pmDFDS
07:00 pm07:35 pmP&O
07:25 pm07:55 pmIrish Ferries
07:35** pm08:05 pmDFDS
08:55 pm09:25 pmIrish Ferries
09:05 pm09:40 pmP&O
10:30 pm11:00 pmIrish Ferries
11:00 pm11:30 pmDFDS

** Not on Sundays
** Not on Saturdays
*** Not on Mondays

Checking in information

DFDS Check-in

  • 60-90 mins. present in advance
  • Busy days: 90 mins

P&O Check-in

  • Check-in closes 90 minutes before departure for pedestrians
  • Check-in closes for other traffic 60 minutes before departure

Irish Ferries Check-in

  • Check-in closes 90 minutes before departure for coaches
  • Check-in closes 60 minutes before departure for other transport

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