Who we are

Calais-Dover.com is created to inform visitors about all the possibilities to travel between Calais and Dover. 

Three ferry companies operate between the French port of Calais and the British port of Dover, offering approximately 30 departures per day. In addition, there is a passenger train and a car train that runs through the Channel Tunnel between Calais and Folkestone (near Dover).

At Calais-Dover, you can compare the different options and find out the best way of traveling for you. You can compare the ferries and the car train in the booking module and, if desired, book a crossing directly.

In addition to all the routes between Calais and Dover, this site also offers alternative options. These include the ferry between Dover and Dunkirk and the ferry between Dieppe and Newhaven.

Great ferry advice, but you don’t buy tickets from us

Calais-Dover is purely an informational website, so you cannot purchase ferry tickets directly from us. When you create your journey on Calais-Dover.com, we will redirect you to another website where you can order tickets.

Who is behind the website?

Calais-Dover.com is part of FerryGoGo B.V., a Dutch company specializing in online ferry advice. Since 2017, we have focused on informative platforms for ferry travelers because we ourselves faced the problem of limited reliable information. Currently, five people are working on the websites, which we are happy to maintain for you.

Do we earn from this website?

Yes, we are able to maintain this website because, like travel agencies, we sometimes receive commissions when we refer someone who purchases a ticket. As a visitor, you won’t notice anything because you pay the same prices you would otherwise.

Where are you located?

Unfortunately, you cannot just drop by at our place, but we do have an office where you can visit by appointment. We are located in the Netherlands at the address: Jufferstraat 3 in Zeist.

How can you contact us?

Contact If you have any questions or requests, you can always leave a message. You can do so on our contact page.