Ferry Dover to Calais with a car

Traveling to France by car is possible via the Dover Calais crossing.

The crossing from Dover to Calais is primarily aimed at travelers with a car. This also applies to the Eurotunnel, which is not accessible to pedestrians. We are happy to explain how the journey with a car works.

Drive to Dover

Both the car train and ferry services to Calais depart from Dover. This port city is approximately 80 miles from London. In theory you could cover this distance in about two hours. It is wise to keep a close eye on traffic and leave on time.

On the train or ferry by car?

Both ferries and Eurotunnel trains offer a smooth travel experience if you go by car. In both cases you drive straight from the highway into the check-in and you only have to get out when you are on board. You can even stay seated on the train.

The journey by ferry takes about an hour longer, but in many cases it is about 60% to 80% cheaper than the train. If you book early, you can often find an attractive deal in both cases.

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On board the ferry

All providers have spacious driveways and parking spaces and it is all very easy. You are not allowed to stay in your car during your stay on the boat and the car deck is closed to the public.

If you have a car alarm, it is wise to find out in advance how to prevent your car alarm from going off continuously.

We have photographed and described the journey for each company

Don’t know which company you want to travel with? Then take a look at the page with our findings from our ferry trips.

On board the train

Cars up to 185 cm that are not lowered can travel in the double-decker trains of the Eurotunnel. Large format cars or lowered sports cars can only travel in the single-deck train carriages.

If your car runs on LPG, you are unfortunately not allowed to come along and you have to rely on the ferry services.

Driving by car in Europe

If you arrive by ferry, in addition to driving on the right, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Did you know, for example, that you have to adjust your headlights differently or even mask them off?

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