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With your car on the ferry

You should know all rules, regulations, and things when crossing the channel by car.

After Covid & Brexit, the ferry operators crossing the channels made changes:

They focus on travelers with a car crossing the channel. DFDS, for instance, can’t even be used without a vehicle (technically, you can cross with a bike, but still).

In the past, there were large parking spots near the port of Dover, for instance. But now all those parking spots are gone since they don’t want to have people park their cars. They want people to cross the channel with their cars.

How to cross with your car?

It’s very easy; you follow the signs to the ferry, and thereafter you board; you follow the instructions from the person guiding you to your parking spot. Here are a few rules that might help you:

  • Before leaving your car, ensure that it is securely locked and that all valuable belongings are either taken with you or safely stored out of sight. Follow any specific instructions provided by the ferry staff regarding vehicle security.
  • Engage the handbrake and leave your car in gear (usually first or reverse) when parking on the ferry. This provides an extra layer of security. Especially when there is bad weather it’s essential to leave your car in a safe way.
  • Upon returning to your vehicle, inspect it for any damages that may have occurred during the crossing. If you notice any issues, inform the ferry staff or the appropriate personnel at the port. To make these claims easier, it’s wise to take a few photo’s from your car before the ship starts.
  • Turn your alarm off if possible.

A video of the crossing by car

And don’t forget…

That after the crossing, you need to drive on the other side of the road that you are familiar with! (right side (France)/ left side (UK)).

Car on a ferry to Dover